Private Services

Patients should be aware that fees are charged for services not covered by the NHS. These include private certificates, driving licence, reports for private health insurance claims and other non-NHS reports, such as holiday cancellations or accident reports.

Fees are charged for examinations for special purposes such as HGV and PSV licences, elderly fitness to drive, fitness to travel, fitness to undertake certain sports end pre-employment medicals.

The fee scale is recommended by the British Medical Association and a price list can be obtained under further information on this website or at reception.

From January 2015 GP practices are able to register new patients who live outside of their area, without any obligation on the practice to provide home visits for such patients.

At Somerton House Surgery we offer a service that will register patients who live outside of our area, but work within our area, but we do not offer a home visiting service for these patients, any medical opinion sought will need to be given as an attendance at the practice or by a telephone consultation. The same rules apply to out of area registered patients for appointment booking.