Patient Participation Group

The overall aim of our group [PPG] is to develop a positive and constructive relationship between patients, the practice and the community it serves, ensuring the practice remains accountable and responsive to all its patients needs.

Our group is affiliated to The National Association for Patient Participation.

Download presentation of benefits of a PPG

Our PPG have named themselves FOSH Firends of Somerton House, they have thirteen members, mainly made up of patients, they will help the Surgery with completion of questionnaires, fund raising, petitions (when necessary) and generally be a point of contact for patients and always welcome new members.

Mission Statement

Liaison in the Community

Aims and Objectives

  • Link between surgery and patient
  • Influence surgery provision
  • A listening ear
  • Promote Health Education

Members are:

Jayne Griffiths –  (Chairperson)

Sue Norris – (Treasurer)

Janet Turner – (Secretary)

Peggy Kerton –

Lynda Smart –

John MacFarlane –

Gill Reeves & Chris Reeves –

Gillian Tapper –


If you have any suggestions or need to speak to someone other than a doctor or member of staff at the surgery, regarding a matter which is not clinical, please feel free to contact one of the members above.