COVID-19 Vaccinations

**Update December 14th 2021**

Vaccination appointments

Over the coming 3- 4 weeks we will be releasing 2000 covid vaccination appointments, please wait for your text with your link to book, if there are no appointments left when you first get your invite link, please check again a day or 2 later as more will be released.  

If you do not have a mobile we will ring/ write/ post updates to our website and Facebook page. Please try not to ring the surgery during this time it is essential that the phone lines are kept clear for any acutely unwell patients.  

This is a huge effort for us, we have been directed to provide ONLY urgent care, if you have a pre-booked appointment and it is not urgent it will be cancelled. We are not taking ‘book ahead’ appointments. If you think that an appointment is essential, please ring reception on the day and we will assess your needs.

 If you are unwell and need medical help, PLEASE DO ring us. All on-line booking options have been suspended. Please do not ring for prescription requests, these can be e-mailed to A reminded do not come into the surgery to speak to reception, the current covid risk level of 4 means there is a high threat of covid.  






Current cohort being invited for vaccination:  

  • Household contacts of immunosuppressed patients  age 12 – 15 years.  Please see the attached leaflet for more information on this group. Clinics are not yet available to book but we are keen to gather eligible patient details. Please email your details if you think you are eligible to:  Household contacts of immunosuppressed patients


  • Patients age 12 – 15 with specific high risk conditions:
    • severe neuro-disability and/or neuromuscular conditions that compromise respiratory function. This includes conditions (such as cerebral palsy, autism and muscular dystrophy) that may affect swallowing and protection of the upper airways, leading to aspiration,
      and reduce the ability to cough and resulting overall in increased susceptibility to respiratory infections
    •  children and young adults with learning disability (LD), including:
      – individuals with Down’s syndrome
      – those who are on the learning disability register
      – those with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD) or severe LD
    •  immunosuppression due to disease or treatment, including:
      – patients undergoing chemotherapy leading to immunosuppression, patients undergoing radical radiotherapy, solid organ transplant recipients, bone marrow or stem cell transplant recipients, HIV infection at all stages or genetic disorders affecting the immune system (e.g. IRAK-4, NEMO, complement disorder, SCID)
      – individuals who are receiving immunosuppressive or immunomodulating biological
      therapy including, but not limited to, anti-TNF, alemtuzumab, ofatumumab, rituximab,
      patients receiving protein kinase inhibitors or PARP inhibitors, and individuals treated
      with steroid sparing agents such as cyclophosphamide and mycophenolate mofetil
      – individuals treated with or likely to be treated with systemic steroids for more than a
      month at a dose equivalent to prednisolone at 20mg per day (or for children under
      20kg body weight a dose of 1mg/kg or more per day).
      – anyone with a history of haematological malignancy, including leukaemia, lymphoma,
      and myeloma and those with auto-immune diseases who may require long term
      immunosuppressive treatments



  If you are in the following groups and have not yet had your vaccination please  book via the national booking service  or if  housebound or care home resident then contact the surgery. The national booking service only offers the option of Bath Racecourse, Bath and West Showground  or Ashton Gate locally, you cannot book Somer Centre nationally. We only have capacity to invite certain groups at a time to the Somer Centre.

  • 16 years or over
  • on our ‘shielding’ register ( extremely clinically vulnerable)
  • clinically vulnerable ( have certain medical conditions)
  • housebound
  • resident in any care home
  • are an unpaid carer
  • patients with learning disability

Otherwise , please do not ring the surgery to book unless you have received your invitation to book via text, email or letter.  The NHS is following a strict schedule of eligible patients as follows:

 1. Residents in a care home for older adults and their carers
 2.All those 80 years of age and over. Frontline health and social care workers
 3.All those 75 years of age and over
 4.All those 70 years of age and over. Clinically extremely vulnerable individuals
 5.All those 65 years of age and over
 6.All individuals aged 16 years to 64 years with underlying health
conditions which put them at higher risk of serious disease and
7.All those 60 years of age and over
 8.All those 55 years of age and over
 9.All those 50 years of age and over

10. All those age 40 -49years

 11.All those age 30 – 39years

 12.All those 18 – 29 years

Within these groups above we also have to divide the group into higher and lower risk categories. For example, for each age cohort the patients who have the most medical problems will be invited first.  We are now sending out invitations via text with a link to click to directly book . If you cannot click the link please contact reception to book. If you do not have a mobile phone registered with us we will either ring you on an alternative phone number, or if we cannot contact you by phone we will send a letter. We have now finished inviting patient in groups 1 -9 for their vaccinations and cannot offer any further ‘first doses’ unless you are a household contacts of an immunosuppressed  patient.

Cohorts 10 – 12: The Somer Centre, which is run and staffed by local GP surgeries, will not be offering vaccinations to cohort 10 -12.  This is to allow us to continue now with our usual GP work,  once we have completed the 2nd dose clinics.

Frontline healthcare and social care workers can now book directly via the national booking service:

Care homes with residents of all ages  are now completed. If you are a resident in any care setting and require vaccination please contact the surgery now.

Vaccinations for housebound patients are now completed. If you have not yet had your vaccination and you are housebound please contact the surgery now.

Cohort 6, individuals age 16 – 64 with underlying health conditions is  a large group and the NHS has given us very specific guidance on who is within this group, for further details please see the table on page 10 of this link:

Family carers: people who care for a family member voluntarily may be eligible for a vaccination. This only applies to people who are 18 yrs and over, who are eligible for Carers Allowance, or are the primary carer of an elderly or disabled person. These vaccinations will be offered via the National Booking Service, but relevant patients must contact their Local Authority to ensure that they will be invited via the National Booking Service. This process has not yet been established and further details are expecting in the coming days. We are also inviting this group to the Somer Centre, as we add eligible patients to our registers.

Asthmatics: people with asthma are not automatically eligible for Cohort 6 vaccination, only those with previous hospital admissions for asthma, or regular use of ORAL steroids ( not inhaled) are eligible. We do not have an accurate register of these patients so if you think you meet these criteria please contact the surgery now.

Young people: young people age 16 and 17 will be invited for vaccination due to underlying health conditions, please note that you can only have the Pfizer vaccine, as the Oxford Astra Zenena vaccine is not licensed for those under 18. We will do our best to ensure you are booked into the correct clinic but please check with us at the surgery that you are correctly booked.

Children:  16/17 to book nationally, 12 – 15 at risk will be contacted

Vaccination queries  BANES, Swindon and Wiltershire CCG have now lauched a webpage with COVID19 vaccination updates:

You can also e-mail enquires to:

Which vaccine? Vaccinations clinics are running with either the Pfizer or Astra Zeneca vaccine. You will not have a choice of vaccine, although you could refuse an early invite ( eg for Pfizer vaccine) but you will then not be a priority for another invitation until a later stage. Patients under the age of  40 will now NOT be given Astra Zeneca as a first dose. If you are under 40 and have had Astra Zeneca as a first dose it is still recommended that you have Astra Zeneca as your 2nd dose and this is what you will be offered.

Be prepared. You can help us ensure our clinics run smoothly by coming prepared, please read the attached guidance to ensure any questions you may have are addressed prior to your appointment. Although you will be speaking to a clinician at the time of your appointment these appointments have to be very short to enable us to adminster a large number of vaccines during a short specified time period.

Please note the following reasons to NOT have Pfizer vaccine:

  • allergy to polyethylene glycol 
  • severe allergy to multiple agents
  • severe allergy to unknown medications
  • severe allergy to any biological medication
  • COVID19 infection ( symptoms or positive swab) within the last 4 weeks
  • current illness with fever
  • please note that a straightforward allergy to a known antibiotic eg penicllin is not a contraindication. if you are uncertain please discuss with your GP


Please note the following reasons to NOT have the Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine:

  • COVID19 infection ( symptoms or positive swab) within the last 4 weeks
  • current illness with fever
  • Age under 40 ( unless you have already had this as your first dose)

Useful further information to read prior to your appointment: