Guide to our Appointments System

A Guide to our Appointments System

From December 4th we are changing the way you access appointments and advice from Somerton House Surgery and St Chads and Chilcompton Surgery.

The new online consultation system  (Accurx) allows you to complete a short online form about your symptoms or query which will be triaged by one of our clinicians or lead admin.

Of course, if you are unable to use the internet, our Reception Team will be on hand to fill the form in on your behalf. You will then receive a phone call, advice via text message or an appointment depending on the outcome.

The link to our online consultation form ( Accurx) is here: Submit a request


Use Accurx ‘ Medical Issue’ for these:

  • Book an appointment to discuss a new or ongoing medical problem
  • Discuss some test results
  • Get a skin lesion or rash checked
  • Get some travel advice
  • Get some contraception or HRT advice
  • Request a home visit
  • Book a ‘special appointment’
    • Joint injection
    • Contraceptive coil change
    • Contraceptive implant change
  • Discuss my medication as I think it needs changing
  • Ask for some medication that I haven’t had before
  • Ask for some medication that I have had before but isn’t on my repeat prescription


Use Accurx  ‘Admin query’  for these:

  • Chase up my referral
  • Get a sick note
  • Get some forms completed eg travel claim
  • Find out my test results


Ring reception for :

  • change an existing appointment
  • routine nurse procedures eg smear test / B12 injection/ hormone injection / dressing change
  • routine annual reviews eg Diabetes checks
  • Book a medical examination eg DVLA/ fostering/ work/ travel


Please continue to use alternative methods for requesting repeat prescriptions:

  • NHS app ( most preferred as quickest turn-around)
  • Systm online ( separate log-in required
  • Airmid app ( separate log-in required)


You can still book some appointments online:

  • Book an Appointment Online    Please note this currently only allows booking of blood test and smear tests. Requests for most appointments now must go through our online consultation form.


#1: Provide enough information about your concern. For example please carefully describe your symptoms, provide a timeline (ie. When it started/how long it has been going on for), what you have tried so far and if it is getting worse/better/staying the same. If you provide us with enough information, we can make sure you receive the right care at the right time.  

#2:  Let us know which clinician you would like to speak to/has dealt with your problem before – continuity of care is very important to us.

#3: If you feel that your problem is urgent and we have triaged it to a routine appointment, please call the surgery and discuss this with the reception team.

#4: Have you looked at our resources for SELF-REFERRAL available on our website or Accurx. Link to self referrals is here:/self-referrals/

You can refer yourself without seeing us for:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Mental health support
  • Podiatry ( foot problems)
  • New eye problems
  • Minor injuries
  • Drug and alcohol support
  • Stop smoking
  • Weight loss services
  • Wellbeing courses
  • Healthy eating for families
  • Diabetes education courses
  • Age UK support


And finally, please do provide us with feedback. This is a new system for all of us and we do want to make it work for everyone. The best way to do this is via our Friends and Family Test available on our website or via slips in reception.

Link to Friends and Family test is here:/practice-info/friends-and-family-test/